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destination: north corfu





  • Sidari Beach

    • Sidari Beach is the perfect spot for you if you’re craving a traditional beach. Easily accessed from Sidari, this is an easy beach to spend the day at. The water here is extremely shallow, too, which makes it an ideal choice for families. There are services nearby, as well, such as restaurants and bars, as well as some chairs to rent. Many of the chairs are free to use if you are a patron of one of the restaurants.


  • Canal d’amour 


      • If you only have time to visit one beach during your stay in Sidari, you won’t want to miss the Canal d’Amour! However, this beautiful, natural location is more than just a beach. It is filled with picturesque rock formations and it is possible to go off the beaten path a little bit to explore the natural beauty. This is a great spot to take photographs, as well, and there are some bars and restaurants nearby that overlook the canal so that you can enjoy the scenery from afar. During the peak tourist season, this attraction does get busy.


  • Cape Drastis 

    ·         When climatе сonditiоns аllοw, Cape Drastis cаn be visitеd by boat. The small bеаches betwеen the сliffs havе fine sand which resеmbles clаy and the sеa bottоm is shаllοw but due to the strоng winds whiсh οftеn blow in this part оf the island, it is nοt recommеndаble fоr kids. You can аlsо gο to Cape Drastis by саr and sеe it frоm abοve – уou nеed tо fοllow а narrоw rοad which stаrts from Peroulades village аnd сontinuеs fоr 500 meters. It will take you tо thе pοint аbove the capе but gоing dοwn is not pоssible as the сliffs аrе vertical and slοpe strаight down tо thе sea. Wind should be cоnsidеred herе, tοo, and it mаy be a bit unpleasаnt tо gеt a сlοser view whеn it is blowing hard in уоur fаce. The viеw, however, is wоrthy. From clоsely thе сape lοoks liкe а giant turtlе head with а few smallеr turtles fоrmatiοns swimming аround it.

  • Apotripiti Beach

  • Another great beach to spend the day at is also located in Peroulades. Apotripiti Beach is a gorgeous, peaceful beach that is about 300 meters long, which means that there is plenty of space to accommodate a large number of people. This is a perfect spot for those who are looking to find a beach that is a little more peaceful than some of the beaches that are closer to Sidari. Despite the fact that it is fairly peaceful, it is still possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

  • Old Peritheia

    Is Also known as a ghost village, you can visit it yourself and organize a hiking day. Certainly, the lush landscape and the view from above will reward you as well as after browsing the abandoned buildings of the medieval area you can enjoy a refreshing drink and your lunch in one of the many traditional taverns in the area!

  • Logas Sunset beach

  • Relatively small beach wherever you are lucky and the tide has not climbed you will enjoy it on your sun lounger along with your drink, however, you will usually recommend for an afternoon visit as the view from there and the sunset you enjoy will be unforgettable. The 7th heaven cafeteria restaurant is definitely a must-do in the area

  • Arillas Clay  Beach

    Arillas is the base of Green Corfu and one of the most beautiful villages of Corfu. It is situated in the north-west corner of Corfu, 37 km from Corfu town. It combines a breathtaking landscape with a great variety of things to do, ranging from walking and swimming to meditating and participating in the local culture. The positive energy of the place is something you will feel right away and attracts many people to come back again and again, and some of them even to permanently move here! Αbout the same in terms of sight and things to do is the neighboring saint iceberg and poppy, as the beach is divided into these three separate destinations


  • Kassiopi harbor 

    Kassiopi is a charming town situated at a small peninsula on the north-east corner of the island of Corfu, 36 km north of Corfu Town and Corfu airport. The resort is the largest village in the northeast of the island and is unique among Corfu’s resorts in having both a very picturesque setting and a fair amount of history. It’s easy to reach every beach of this resort, all of which are clean and safe. You will find EU blue flags here and at nearby beaches. Most of the bays there are pebbly but there are plenty of them and they can be charmingly small and secluded. It’s easy to walk to the long beaches and bays, near Kassiopi, like Avlaki, Imerolia, and Kalamionas

  • Almyros Beach 

    The beach of Almyros is located on the NW Coast of Corfu. The beach has shallow waters, ideal for families with young children and fine, golden sand. It is an organized beach with necessary facilities, sunbeds and umbrellas, and taverns where you can enjoy fresh fish and Corfiot specialties.
    The beach Almyros is essentially the continuation of the cosmopolitan Acharavi. It is awarded the Blue Flag in 2014.


  • Saint Stefano Beach and small harbor 

    On the North-West coast of the island, you will find our quaint little former fishing village. San Stefanos has something to cater to all ages, with our sandy beaches, shallow waters (perfect for young children), friendly atmosphere, a wide choice of tavernas, numerous bars, and accommodation to suit all budgets.


  • Nissaki Beach  

    Nissaki is among the most beautiful beaches in Corfu. A lovely sandy shore surrounded by rock formations is ideally located between the villages Barbati and Kassiopi, 21 km north of the main town. This small beach that is situated well away from the road offers only a few tourist facilities. Nissaki bay is protected from the strong winds, nevertheless, the water becomes gradually deep. It is a great place for families while the soft rocks on either side are safe for children’s activities.

  • Acharavi  

    Acharavi is a medium-size town placed along the North coast road; it is quite far from Corfu town and it is exactly between Kassiopi and Roda villages. Acharavi has a nice sandy beach, is surrounded by huge Mediterranean vegetation and it is located not far from the Pantokratoras mountain. Acharavi is the ideal holiday place for people who want to have all the comforts and also a big and relaxing beach.


  • Roda 

  • Below the mountain of Pantokrator lies the picturesque fishing settlement of Roda, just 35 km north of Corfu town. Over the years, the village has grown in size offering plenty of modern amenities, restaurants, and lively bars. Visitors will surely enjoy this cosmopolitan village where tradition and modern life exist in perfect harmony. Roda is popular for its intense nightlife and the romantic atmosphere. The beautiful sandy shore which is actually a natural continuation of Arachavi stretches for a couple of km with plenty of umbrellas and sunbeds. Water sports facilities are also available.


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Things to do:
Activities you can do in North Corfu are: Advanced horseriding in nature for beginners and on unique beaches, sailing with your family and other visitors making new friends and discovering the magic of the Ionian Sea. Swimming into the Ionian Sea along with masks watching the beautiful seabed, hiking in nature and wandering in the beautiful green forests of Corfu. 
It is mainly recommended for families as it is a long way from the noisy center and because the beaches in northern Corfu are mostly shallow with shallow gradual waters. Most are organized and certified with a blue flag.Τhere are also endless tavernas and restaurants with a special place for our small guests and shops with fresh ice cream and delicacies!
The unique view and the wonderful sunsets on the north side of the island are ideal for romantic couples of all ages and tastes, especially for you we recommend the Canal d’amour for many beautiful background photos and cape Drastis! It doesn’t take much to simply pose with your most beautiful smiles and the breathtaking view will do the rest.
There are a lot of outdoor activities you can do as a group in north Corfu and way more beaches where you can leisure and spend your precious time. We, therefore, recommend as long as you stay at the best point of Corfu to take part in an island tour while there are a lot of things to see and learn. During your day trip, you will have full time (approx.8 hours) of guiding on board and while visiting the sightseeings. You will also be going to try local goodies and participate in activities like a true local. There are also plenty of night bars and pubs as well as water sports, boat daily cruises, and local tavernas and restaurants. Do not forget to visit Porto Timony with your company matching nature walk with long day dives in the deep blue waters and caves, as well as logas beach and 7th heaven restaurant bar for an amazing sunset that will remain in your memories for a long time!

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